Proper workplace design leads to improved productivity & morale, decreased rates of injury & absenteeism and reduced rates of staff turnover & the subsequent costs of training new employees.

City Physiotherapy offers a variety of services to the Perth CBD to improve office function, productivity & safety. Having over 20 years of experience in the Perth city allows us to customise this service to the specific needs of the CBD.

Our ergonomic evaluations are designed to produce good posture and work habits which are important in maintaining your overall health at work. They reduce the risk of developing posture-related spinal pain and overuse injuries and result in increased productivity and focus.

Identifying musculoskeletal risks and hazards and training to reduce injury is vital within the workplace. As well as a good physical environment it is important to consider the psychosocial and biophysical health of the workplace to ensure job satisfaction.

Our individual workstation ergonomic evaluations last between 30-60 mins and include

  • A thorough review of your whole work environment, starting with a brief discussion on any existing problems or concerns.
  • A detailed assessment
  • On the spot adjustments to existing equipment.
  • A comprehensive report including recommendations about modifications to equipment and workstations to facilitate improved function, comfort & productivity.
  • A review of individual workplace practices

Our Educational Seminars offer presentations about

  • Manual Handling
  • Stretching programmes and advice on exercise or rest breaks to help prevent injuries.
  • Correct sitting mechanics
  • Correct workplace design

Each seminar is specifically designed for your industry & requirements.

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